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Our Company Virtual Reality Rental specialize in Virtual Reality Rentals in South Africa. Virtual Reality is one of the hottest technologies currently being used to excite people and pull-in clients at events and product activation’s. The cost of purchasing these devices is quite high and renting them from our company allows you to use this advance technology at affordable prices. We are the biggest Virtual Reality Rentals company in South Africa and have the biggest inventory and variety of virtual reality gear for hire.

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IF you are looking for something that will allow people to remember and associate with your brand virtual reality is a awesome product and opportunity to excite people and let them talk about Virtual Reality and your brand. The awesomeness of virtual reality is that people see other people interact with something and curiosity takes over and then they want to try it themselves. Part of the success of Virtual Reality at activation’s is that people usually stand in line to wait for their opportunity to try it for themselves. During this time, it gives activation specialists the opportunity to sell the product to clients or talk to clients.

For more information on Virtual Reality Rentals please visit our website Virtual Reality Rentals for more information.

Virtual Reality Rental – Showreel

Photographs from past Activation and Virtual Reality Rentals


This photograph was taken at one of the Activation we did for Extramarks, we supplied the activation personnel as well as the Virtual Reality equipment. This image was taken at the Gateway Mall in Umshlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Top view of the Virtual Reality exhibition at Gateway mall.


Photograph from one of our activations and virtual reality equipment rentals. This photograph was taken during the AfricaCom 2017 exhibition in Cape Town.


Mobile Virtual Reality Headset Rentals.


Virtual Reality Headset Rentals – for more information visit virtual reality rental.


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Virtual Reality Rental


11 Scafell Rd, Floracliffe, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa

+27 72 234 7513



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