About Us – Virtual Reality South Africa Association (VRSA)

Our Mission at VRSA

At the Virtual Reality South Africa Association (VRSA), founded in 2016 by Gerald Ferreira, our mission is to harness the transformative power of virtual reality (VR) technology for the benefit of South African businesses and software developers. We believe that VR is more than just a technological advancement; it is a tool that can redefine the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and human connection. Our mission is to lead the South African VR industry towards global recognition, fostering a community where technology meets human-centric design, and where every virtual experience contributes to real-world progress.

Our Vision for the Future

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, VRSA envisions a future where South Africa is a recognized leader in the VR industry. We see a world where virtual reality is not just an entertainment tool, but a cornerstone in education, healthcare, architecture, and various other sectors, enriching lives and expanding possibilities. Our vision is to cultivate an ecosystem where South African VR businesses and developers are at the forefront of creating immersive, impactful experiences that resonate globally, guided by innovation, inclusivity, and excellence.

Our Values and Commitment

Integrity and Innovation: At VRSA, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our practices and partnerships reflect ethical, forward-thinking principles. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we strive to foster an environment where new ideas are nurtured and celebrated.

Collaboration and Community: We believe in the power of collaboration. By bringing together VR businesses, developers, and enthusiasts, we aim to create a strong community that thrives on shared knowledge and collective growth. Our focus is on building a network that supports, inspires, and uplifts each member.

Education and Empowerment: VRSA is dedicated to educating and empowering the current and next generation of VR professionals. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in this dynamic field.

Quality and Excellence: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We advocate for excellence in every VR project, product, and service, ensuring that South African VR is synonymous with world-class standards.

Social Responsibility and Ubuntu: In line with the principles of ubuntu, we recognize our responsibility towards society. We aim to use VR technology as a tool for social good, creating experiences that foster understanding, empathy, and human connection.

Join Us in Shaping the Virtual Reality Future

The Virtual Reality South Africa Association is more than an association; it’s a movement towards a future where virtual realities create real-world impacts. We invite VR businesses, software developers, enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about the potential of VR to join us. Together, let’s shape a future that’s virtually limitless.