Gerald Ferreira the CEO of the Virtual Reality South African company was recently a Keynote speaker at the ABSA insight series about Tourism in Johannesburg South Africa.

Gerald Ferreira on Tourism in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Below is the video of his speech at the ABSA Insight Series Event held in Johannesburg South Africa. The video was shared with us from one of the audience members.

According to Gerald Ferreira people might choose to live in virtual reality in the future and it will have a huge impact on the Travel Industry. Instead of visiting physical places, people may want to visit these places in Virtual Reality first. With the huge investments from Facebook and Google these virtual reality visits will be almost as real as actually visiting the tourism destination. It will also be a social experience, where people will be able to interact with other people in the experience.

There is also a huge advantage for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, Guesthouses and accommodation providers to get into the industry now. Instead of having someone else from overseas making a Virtual Reality Tourism South African experience – We as South Africa should create the experience first. This will allow us to be in control of the experience and also allow local operators to benefit the most from people wanting to explore South African Virtual Reality destinations in Virtual Reality.

According to Gerald Ferreira Google created one of the biggest existing Virtual Reality platforms in the world. These platforms are already exposed to at least 1 Billion users worldwide per month. The Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth platforms to some degree already incorporate virtual reality. In fact most of the buildings, mountains, rivers and landscape is already created in 3D Models which Google Earth Uses.

Gerald Ferreira encouraged tourism South Africa to get involved in virtual reality and to get their guest houses, accommodation providers and the sightseeing spots into Google Maps and Google Earth so that people can see that the accommodation is world class!


Images from the ABSA Insight Series - Virtual Reality in Tourism

Below is some images that we took at the ABSA Insight series on Virtual Reality in the Tourism industry. Our guests loved experience the HTC VIVE high-end virtual reality system for the first time!

Need someone in South Africa to Talk about Virtual Reality?

You can contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 if you would like someone to talk about Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality in South Africa. Gerald Ferreira has been involved in the industry since 1998 and is one of the leading minds in virtual reality in South Africa.