Our founding member Gerald Ferreira was recently invited to the Polokwane, Limpopo, Youth Film Festival 2018 to speak about virtual reality. His talk about virtual reality was recorded “Candidly” in 360° video. You can watch the video here and get some insight into how he founded his various virtual reality companies in South Africa.

Feedback from the event was very inspiring, and it seems like there is a huge interest by Film Makers in South Africa to get into the virtual reality and 360° video filming industry.

Several of the attendees at the Limpopo Youth Film Festival Summit have contacted us already to discuss how they can get involved in the virtual reality industry.

We call on all VRSA (Virtual Reality South Africa Association) members to become actively involved in the community and to continue to bring virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to South African citizens, and to assist aspiring filmmakers to help find their feed in the industry!

Their seems to be a real hunger for these students to enter the virtual reality industry, but a shortcoming of Know-how and expertise to guide them. At the conference it was suggested that we open a Virtual Reality branch in Polokwane or provide regular workshops on Virtual Reality in Polokwane.

We also ask Corporate and Government to get more actively involved in the industry. We do not want to become the “Left Behind” generation, and miss out on the opportunities the Virtual Reality industry has to offer globally!

We encourage South African entrepreneurs, film makes and developers to become actively involved in the industry! Let’s not be consumers but manufacturers! There is currently huge opportunities for early adopters, and manufacturers in the industry. It is estimated that the industry will be worth at least 19 Billion USA dollars in 2021.

The full article is available on the Virtual Reality site, you can read more about it at “Gerald Ferreira Virtual Reality Limpopo