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Boardroom Virtual Reality is a platform that we are developing for companies that want to use Virtual Reality as a communication tool for business meetings. Virtual Reality boardroom meetings will allow companies to have immersive boardroom meetings in Virtual Reality.

Boardroom Virtual Reality is the next generation of board meetings. This platform will allow companies to have immersive, virtual reality-based communication in their corporate offices or anywhere else they may be located!

This new virtual reality platform will make it easier to communicate in meetings. BoardroomVirtual Reality is an innovative way for companies and advisors alike to utilize this technology as a means of communicating more effectively. The boardrooms themselves can be situated anywhere with internet access—no need for physical gatherings! Companies might find themselves taking advantage of these new advancements if they don’t already do so. There may even be improved teamwork amongst coworkers due to everyone’s ability to see what another person sees through their headset without having any interruptions or distractions during discussions.

With our technologies, multiple users can join a meeting, and with the multiplayer functionality, companies and employees can see each other as if they were in an actual boardroom together. 6DoF headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 enable users to use controllers to mimic what their hands and arms would do while they are presenting, for example. Users have built-in functionalities like Zoom, YouTube, Microsoft documents, Excel sheets, etc. to help with presentations, and they can even browse the web all within the Boardroom VR application.

Custom boardrooms can be designed and 3D modeled to meet your requirements, or if you just want to stick to the company identity, external features can also be implemented into the Boardroom VR applications to have it work the way your team would want it to.

Some of the key advantages of using the BoardroomVR application.

High Engagement

The Virtual Reality Headset lets you give your undivided attention to the meeting at hand while effortlessly eliminating distractions. The perfect environment for a professional business person who wants nothing but clarity and focus, our virtual boardrooms let one focus on their work without being distracted by other aspects of life, such as family or personal obligations.

Our Boardroom VR Software lets you truly engage with your colleagues in a unique and exciting way.

Travel Expenses

With the Boardroom VR software, travel time and expenses will no longer be an issue. With this innovative new technology you can join a meeting from anywhere in the world virtually – without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic or being late for one! All participants of your virtual gathering must have access good stable internet connection as well.

The Boardroom VR software makes it easy to collaborate on any project, anywhere. No more wasting time and money traveling between meetings!

Unlimited Space

With 3D modeling software, our team is able to provide clients with a virtual space large enough for them to add items or even show what their project could look like once it has been developed. Social distancing becomes irrelevant as one will not be in physical contact.

3D modeling software provides a three-dimensional view of an area that can be explored and altered by the user. It enables our team to give clients enough space for their projects without having them come into contact with one another physically, as they would if we were working face-to-face.

The use of digital technology such as Virtual Reality Headsets allows architects or engineers, for example, to access virtual worlds before actually building anything from scratch, which helps bring ideas straight into reality!

A few examples of what our Boardroom VR Application looks like.

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