Meta VR

Meta VR is revolutionizing the way we experience content. Their cutting-edge technology brings people together through custom virtual reality for business and leisure purposes, with an emphasis on high quality mobile device compatibility such as Samsung GearVR or Google Cardboard headsets.

With Meta’s fully immersive environment, you can be teleported into your favorite game without having to buy costly equipment. All this with just one click!

We specialize in the Metaverse at Meta VR. The Metaverse is a new extension of reality that is digitally generated. It looks and feels genuine, it is immersive, and it is a location where you can engage with other people in the Metaverse in the same way that you do in the real world.

The Metaverse is an amazing place that feels genuine and immersive. It’s the perfect place to engage with other people in ways that you can’t do in the real world. You can explore, socialize, and do business in the Metaverse.

Imagine being able to visit any location in the world without ever leaving your home. Or being able to meet people from all over the globe without ever having to leave your bedroom. That’s what the Metaverse offers — an incredible virtual reality experience that is second to none.

Meta VR is one of the leading software Metaverse companies in South Africa.

Meta Vr Co Za

Company Name: Meta VR 

Phone: +27 72 234 7513

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa