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3D Photographers was the first Virtual Reality, 3D Photographer and Photogrametry website in South Africa. We have established the business in 1998 in Klerksdorp a small town in the North-West province in South Africa. We started from humble beginnings and struggled through times when virtual reality was not the same as it is today. During this time we have innovated and acquired the know how and experience to place us ahead of the pack and become one of the most experience virtual reality companies in the world.

MORE ABOUT 3D Photographers

We are part of the Google Trusted Photographers network, allowing us to publish our Virtual Reality Tours into the Google Streetview network which forms part of Google Maps. We have develop our own 360° still camera for Virtual Tours and panorama images and also are able to take high quality 360° video. Recently we acquired  a Matterport scanner one of the best commercial 3d scanners for creating 3D Virtual Tours. We also have 10 x HTC Vive Virtual Reality headsets and 20 x Samsung Gear VR headsets with Samsung S7 and Samsung S8 phones, providing us with the latest Technology to create awesome virtual reality experiences.

If you are interested in a Virtual Tour or Virtual Reality solution do not hesitate to contact us, we are passionate about virtual reality and love to talk about virtual reality and creating awesome virtual reality experiences for our clients. You can contact Gerald Ferreira at +27 72 234 7513 for more information about virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Tour Images and Virtual Tour

Below is an example of one of the virtual tours we recently shot. The virtual tour was shot with the Matterport 3d scanner. Simply click on the play button to activate the virtual tour. Once the virtual tour have loaded, it will load with a Dollhouse view of the house that we scanned. After the virtual tour loaded you can click on the room that you want to view, and you will move into the virtual tour of the house. The virtual tour can also be viewed in a Virtual Reality headset like the Samsung Gear VR headset or the Google Cardboard headset.

You can also visit the 3D Photographers site to get more information.

360 Video shoot – LFMA South Africa


Below is a image of one of the Virtual Reality Activation we did. Virtual Reality is one of the most awesome ways to engage with your clients. Once you immerse your clients into a virtual reality environment they are in the environment you want them to see.


One of our GoPro 360° Cameras shooting a 360° Video


If you want a virtual tour, 360° video for your business or a high-end virtual reality solution talk to us. You can contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information. You can also visit the 3D Photographers website for more information on VR / AR and MR.


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Contact Information for 3D Photographers

3D Photographers


11 Scafell Rd, Floracliffe, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa

+27 72 234 7513



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